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International Cultural Specialist and Research Intern (Virtual)

The Story of Village Book Builders starts with the simple love of books. It’s easy to forget all the incredible things access to books have brought us. Books taught us how to read, which is essential to our personal growth & development. A deeper look shows us that books taught us to think critically, build empathy, grow imaginations, and help us build brighter futures.

We know that not all children have access to the educational resources they need and that not having access to books is just the beginning. After years of studying this issue, we know that students in developing areas don’t always attend schools with the proper resources needed to help them grow; they don’t experience appropriate teacher-to-student ratios needed so each student can thrive, and often experience dangers when traveling far just to attend school (particularly young girls). These issues cause local learning cultures to deteriorate and often result in an increase in teen pregnancy rates, all of which impact a community’s ability to economically and sustainably thrive. 

That’s why we created Village Book Builders: A non-profit organization aimed at reducing the student dropout rates through increased personal interaction with mentors and improved educational resources.

Today we call this Hope Through Education.

About the Position:

Village Book Builders is seeking passionate and creative thinkers to help drive our mission and vision by cultivating global connections. This position is an unpaid 12-15 week internship with a 15+ hours per week commitment. The role of the International Cultural Specialist & Research Intern will align with the mission of the Research & Development team and is three-pronged:
Connect villages to the organization.
Connect the villages to volunteers/mentors.
Connect the villages with donors. 


Location: Virtual
Start date: As soon as filled
End Date: August (Flexible)


  • Research the cultural barriers volunteers may encounter in one of three broad regions (the Americas, Africa, and Southeastern Asia) 
  • Identify strategies for success within an assigned region.
  • Conduct regularly scheduled strategy meetings with trip leaders to discuss findings.


  • Must possess strong investigative and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent verbal and writing communications skills
  • Ability to work independently and as a collaborative team member
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Cultural experience or knowledge of any of the three regions is favorable but not required.

Village Book Builders is passionate about giving all children an opportunity to gain an education. We travel around the world to build libraries for small communities, and then we set up mentoring programs to help students one-on-one. By aiding as an organizer for fundraisers, you will be able to help our nonprofit expand and support more children around the world. You will impact many lives and give these children hope for the future.

HR Administrator Note: 
As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, Village Book Builders is not subject to the intern regulations of the Fair Labor Standards Act. However, we do believe this internship meets all of the Act’s criteria, including providing an experience similar to that which would be given in an educational environment. Additionally, we clearly communicate with all applicants in advance the internship is an unpaid and short-term opportunity.