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Remote Operations Project Manager (1&2)

Organization Profile: Springclean is a nonprofit social enterprise whose mission is to create jobs and reduce landfill space by repurposing donated textile materials. Springclean is currently making hygienic fashion masks, stuffed animals, and quilts from recycled fabrics that are crafted by Springclean-certified artists. By focusing on our products being made from recycled fabrics, our organization is creating an opportunity to have a positive environmental and social impact by preventing excess fabric waste and providing living wages to creators within the organization. As a volunteer in our organization, you would be supporting this worthy mission.
Details of Project: Springclean is hiring two individuals for this functional role. This position involves proactively and creatively addressing organizational challenges as Springclean grows and standardizes its supply chain protocols. These tasks include:
·       Contacting and developing relationships with potential and current organizational partners
·       Attending weekly individual check-ins, team meetings, and monthly board meetings
·       Finding and hiring new team members/Maintaining a recruitment pipeline
·       Building frameworks to guide operational activities of team members across functional areas
·       Working well in the larger Springclean Team and with the other Operations Project Manager
·       Remaining communicative on all Springclean platforms as needed
*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all positions are remote, so we are open to applicants being in varying geographic areas. Although, the organization primarily operates on Eastern Standard Time.

Learning Experience: You will maintain and further develop the expansion and refinement of supply chains and operations in the organization. The program is designed for students and individuals seeking study credit, volunteer hours, or any other type of accreditation for work completed.
Expectations: The position will begin in April/May of 2021 and end in August 2021. Individuals must be available for ~10 hours per week for this position. After that time, extensions may be considered. Successful candidates will provide their own technology to meet the needs of the position.
Qualifications (Experience, Competencies, Skills, Education): A self-starter with an interest in better understanding the history and current environment of known materials around the topic of the circular economy. Additionally, the person should adhere to assigned deadlines, independently work without heavy supervisory oversight, and is willing to learn. This person is detail-oriented and can carefully craft written assignments devoid of common grammar and formatting mistakes. College student applicants must have completed at least two years of post-high school education at an accredited college or university.
Individuals interested in the sustainability or textiles industry as a part of their long-term career are preferred.
This is a volunteer position and completely remote.