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Data Engineering Summer Intern (Virtual)

About Village Book Builders

The Story of Village Book Builders starts with the simple love of books. It’s easy to forget all the incredible things access to books have brought us. Books taught us how to read, which is essential to our personal growth & development. A deeper look shows us that books taught us to think critically, build empathy, grow imaginations, and help us build brighter futures.

We know that not all children have access to the educational resources they need and that not having access to books is just the beginning. After years of studying this issue, we know that students in developing areas don’t always attend schools with the proper resources needed to help them grow. They don’t experience appropriate teacher to student ratios needed so each student can thrive, and often experience dangers when traveling far just to attend school (particularly young girls). These issues cause local learning cultures to deteriorate and often results in an increase in teen pregnancy rates — all of which impacts a community’s ability to economically and sustainably thrive.

That’s why we created Village Book Builders A non-profit aimed at helping communities re-establish learning cultures through access to safe local libraries, books, technology, and student mentorship.

Today we call this Hope Through Books.

If you are a book lover and want to bring hope through books around the world, we want you to join our team.


Location: Virtual
Start Date: May (Flexible
End Date: August (Flexible)
Hours: 30-40 hours a week

About the Position

This position's schedule is flexible regarding hours/days and averages 30-40 hours per week. You can work remotely from anywhere in the world. You will be joining a team of dedicated, individuals, who are passionate about making a difference. Interns may receive letters of recommendation and job recommendations with VBB corporate sponsors such as Oracle, Nike, Visa, etc along with the opportunity to learn valuable skills necessary in the field of Data Science. 

What you will do:
You will help build a data reporting system for measuring the real-time quality of mentoring and other library learning services. You will be working on a business-critical project that could be potentially helping 1,000+ users. You will not be debugging existing code. You will be given the responsibility of developing a new, business-critical product! Note, you will have experienced mentors guiding you.  

This internship aims to allow you to take ownership of data and products. We aim to provide the best learning experience for all interns. Also, you will be enabling underprivileged children around the world to gain educational access and delivery, especially in troubling times.

Learn more about Village Book Builders @

Project Overview: VBB Program Dashboard

The primary goal of the program dashboard is to provide real-time analytics to managers, directors, executives, and donors on the quality and progress of VBB’s human-to-human learning services around the world (5 continents, 32 countries). It also serves as a data aggregator, visualizer, and connector to help mentors, mentor advisors, headmasters/program directors, teachers, and parents make data-informed decisions about their role to enable learning. 

The Village Portal serves as a centralized platform and allows future customization of our technology-enabled learning services. Your team will be leading the next development cycle to improve the experience and quality of mentoring and education globally.

Required Qualifications

  • Growth Mindset
  • Consistent Communication, Effort/Progress, and Teamwork
  • 30-40 hours a week schedule toward the project and team
  • Ability to quickly read documentation, ask questions, find answers from mentors, and learn
  • Ability to coordinate with nontechnical stakeholders and web developers, and plan out data features

Highly Preferred Qualifications

Interns do not need to have all of the qualifications or experience listed below, but a willingness to learn is essential. The ideal intern will have the following traits:
  • A GPA above 3.2 (please include GPA on the resume to be considered)
  • Preferably pursuing a degree in Data Science, Computer Science, IT, or other related fields
  • 1+ Years of experience in developing web applications. 
  • Experience in Python 
  • Comfortability in learning and using external APIs. 
  • Familiarity with data science technologies.
  • Ability to explain and answer technical questions about previous projects. 
  • Ability to break down and follow-through complex objectives into organized and prioritized tasks
  • Able to effectively work with volunteers and other interns to complete tasks on time
  • Able to demonstrate creative problem-solving capabilities
  • Self-starter and passionate about making a difference


  • Work with the Tech Team to understand and build a framework to retrieve and organize mentoring service data across the organization.
  • Reports to the Product Lead.
  • Ensures self-selected objectives and priorities are completed by the end of each sprint.
  • Self-initiates remote collaboration among teammates and the organization based on milestones and KPIs provided by the organization.

HR Administrator Note: 
As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, Village Book Builders is not subject to the intern regulations of the Fair Labor Standards Act. However, we do believe this internship meets all of the Act’s criteria, including providing an experience similar to that which would be given in an educational environment. Additionally, we clearly communicate with all applicants in advance the internship is an unpaid and short-term opportunity.